Pre-College Conference

The Education First Pre-College Conference is a consortium of college preparatory classes for students, parents and educators to participate in such as; the admissions process, high school academic review, essay writing, scholarships and financial aid and more.


Prior conference class examples include:

College Road Mapping

Navigating Financial Aid

Essay Writing

ACT and SAT Tips

Understanding the Role of Your Counselor


The class schedule for the upcoming College and Career Fair will be posted soon.

For more information, you can check out this year’s college prep classes.

2023 Speakers Guide Cover


Students who wish to attend the College Fair are required to attend the Education First Pre-College Conference classes in order to enter the College Fair.

To sign up for the Education First Pre-College Conference, complete the College Fair registration form.

If you believe in our mission and would like to make an impact on the lives of college-bound students, consider donating. Your donations go toward providing educational services, workshops, career counseling, and fairs related to college.