Career Fair

The Career Fair is an event that will assist students and parents with exploring career fields and chart a path for success.

Students who attend the Career Fair can speak with local Kentuckiana professionals from various career fields about college courses, workplace environments, opportunities for growth, industry expectations and more!

Some of the professions from previous Career Fairs have included:

  • Accounting/Finance

  • Arts and Entertainment

  • Business/Corporate America

  • Computer Science/IT

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health/Medical

  • Journalism

  • Law/Government

  • Marketing/Graphics

  • Social Services

  • Others


Photos and images taken from previous years Career Fair event.


We are always in need of volunteers to help provide career guidance. Interested individuals can sign up to volunteer with the Career Fair by filling out the registration form.

If you believe in our mission and would like to make an impact on the lives of college-bound students, consider donating. Your donations go toward providing educational services, workshops, career counseling, and fairs related to college.